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Sunny Saturday

Today started early; I woke up at 4:45am but it felt good. I make some tea and checked social media. Unfortunately Trump was not anApril Fools joke… Oh well it was a nice hope.

I started to clean my house as my childhood bff was coming over for tea and talk later. I was able to clean most of my place and it felt so good. There is nothing as calming as a clean house/room.

I have big meal-planning goals for tonight/tomorrow so I went to the grocery store.


Doing my produce shopping always gives me that extra bit of joy. It’s beautiful seeing all the vibrant and healthy colours looking back at me. I have 2 vegan recipes I will try out for the first time with theses. Very excited.

Saturdays are my favourite because I get to really be me. I get to spend time planning my time, relaxing and reorganizing/cleaning my home. It’s how I stay grounded during the week, knowing I’ll have the next Saturday to myself (or to spend with those I love).

I am currently waiting for my car’s oil change but then I have the rest of the day to cook, play or go thrift shopping. 🙂

What do you do to get reenergized for the week? How do you ground yourself during the week?