Zero-Waste Challenge

I’ve been captivated by the many YouTube posts from people who have adapted their lives to go zero-waste (or close to).

The concept in itself sounds scary and next to impossible but in actual practice it looks to be much simpler.

I’ve decided to make some changes in my lifestyle and try to implement as many zero-waste practices as I can. The initial preparation has cost me a bit of money but I see it more as an investment and I could have used stuff I already owned but wanted to also illuminate my use of plastic as a whole, most of my purchases were glass or stainless steel alternatives to what I already owned.

So these are some of the changes I’ve made so far (and a few of these I’ve already been doing for some time or have been half doing):

  1. The obvious first change was getting a water bottle to bring with me everywhere, illuminating single-use plastic bottles and single-use styrofoam cups at work.
  2. I’ll bee ditching the plastic bags in favour of my cute new canvas bags (found at Value village). As part of that I also got reusable produce bags to illuminate the plastic produce bags at the grocery store.image
  3. I started shopping in bulk, one of the bulk stores in my city lets you bring in your own glass jars for refilling which is super helpful.
  4. I got a bin to collect my compost. I’m currently researching the different types of indoor composting but once I decide on a type I already have a plastic bin I can use to create my own.
  5. I’ve dabbled with making my own cosmetics/lotions before so I’m going to continue with going all natural and waste free from my soap and toothpaste to my face moisturizer and mascara.image
  6. I already have Eco-friendly cleaning products for the most part but when those run out I’ll be making my own.
  7. I am adjusting my vegetarian diet to try and be vegan but that will continue to be a work in progress.

Are you you doing any of the above? Do you have any tips?

I would love to meet more people trying to do the same! Comment below or add me on Instagram @thisoneiskym



8 thoughts on “Zero-Waste Challenge

  1. sincerelypeggy

    Hello! I’m zero waste, vegan and minimalist from Toronto. If you have any questions, feel free to send them my way πŸ™‚


    1. Kym Post author

      Thanks! Just read your posts and they are great! I’m really struggling in finding local stores for reusable alternatives (bamboo toothbrush, affordable cloth bags, napkins and food wraps).
      Also with my impulse control – fast food will be the death of me.
      I’m glad I’ve found someone else to talk to about this kind of stuff. πŸ™‚
      How long have you been vegan?


      1. sincerelypeggy

        Hey Kym, a lot of those reusable alternatives can be made yourself so you don’t have to go buy them (cloth bags, napkins and for wraps) A lot of health food stores in Toronto will carry the bamboo toothbrush.


      2. Kym Post author

        I’m in Edmonton, we have a few health food stores that I know about but I’m sure I haven’t found them all.


      3. sincerelypeggy

        As for fast food, it was one of the hardest adjustments but eating less fast food is never bad for you πŸ˜‰ you just have to do some extra research beforehand.

        I’ve been eating fully vegan for about a month!


      1. sincerelypeggy

        You can get a lot of good deals on Amazon as far as I’m aware! Especially for the aforementioned objects. Amazon also sells in bulk πŸ™‚


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